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Eco-friendly fiber manufacturer concerned with humans and the environment.-Haesung Synthetic makes your life colorful and exciting based on a long experience and a technological background

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CEO greeting


Welcome to the Haesung website.

Donghae industrial co.,ltd began as a manufacturer of nylon, one of the most basic fibers, in 1993 before expanding to establish Haesung synthetic co.,ltd in Daegu in 2001 and Haesung Haesung SF co.,ltd in Gumi in 2010. These two companies cater to different markets. Donghae industrial manufactures mono-filaments and multi-filaments (filament fibers), while Haesung Synthetic is the leader of the Korean nylon staple fiber market and supplies bi-component fibers, which are used to manufacture personal hygiene fabrics for diaper and sanitary pad manufacturers. Haesung SF is a manufacturer of polyester staple fiber, the most widely-used staple fiber, and supplies the manufacturers of industrial, personal hygiene, bedding, and automotive goods.

Our company research center ensures that all products are compliant with the ISO 9001 and the TQC System. We take great pride in supplying clients around the world with top-quality products.

Many years of experience and advanced technology have enable Haesung to design its own fiber production lines and achieve great milestones in the production and distribution of fibers. Our objective is customer satisfaction and trust. We maintain open and efficient communication with our clients, and take every day as a learning experience. As a responsible member of society, we take every step necessary to preserve the environment and the wellbeing of the people in it.

Thank you.

CEO Jong-tae Lee